Lauren H. Rose

The Systems Diva

Lauren is a business systems aficionado. She’s also a speaker and a writer. Join her in your journey to making your business more efficient to serve your clients well.


Lauren Rose is…

Yes, Lauren is an author as well. As an author Lauren understands the process of taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. This especially applies to your business. Oftentimes business owners have an idea of what needs to change in their business, but they do not have a strategy or take the time to implement the strategy needed for change.

Lauren can help you get clarity regarding that strategy so you finally get from your present to your desired outcome.

As a side note to all the mommies looking for the perfect book The Colors of Love is a great read. You can purchase the Kindle version on Amazon, directly from this website, or send an email ( to get it shipped directly to you.

The Colors of Love - Hardcover
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