Lauren H. Rose

The Systems Diva

Lauren is a business systems aficionado. She’s also a speaker and a writer. Join her in your journey to making your business more efficient to serve your clients well.

Love In Action Tour

Lauren is a firm believer of giving back to your community. She created the Love In Action Tour as she saw a need that nonprofits needed exposure and resources. The Love In Action Tour is the bridge that sparks awareness, builds resources, and actively constructs a lifeline of hope for non-profit organizations. The tour brings together non-profits, the communities they serve and local leaders to provide finances, highlight the work being done, and create partnerships for future success.

Every year as the Love In Action Tour spreads around the country the heart behind this initiative is to fill the gap in every state where it is held. By forging new connections among stakeholders, and influencers with their local non-profits the reach of these organizations will extend further with the additional support.

Lauren’s vision for L.I.A is that love will be a tangible experience, permeating the lives of those who rely on the success of these non-profit organizations.

For more info and to take an action of love visit