Lauren H. Rose

The Systems Diva

Lauren is a business systems aficionado. She’s also a speaker and a writer. Join her in your journey to making your business more efficient to serve your clients well.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Rose, an avid reader, writer, and lover of numbers, is an accountant by trade and an educator at heart. Lauren merged these two passions to help women in their businesses by giving them systems so that they can better serve their clients without having to worry about the inefficiencies that have held them back from leveling up in their business. Her focus is on accounting inefficiencies, but she also serves her clients by assisting with non-financial operational inefficiencies. Her signature service is a plug and play accounting system that allows women to easily input their data to ‘know their numbers’. Contact Lauren today for a consultation for your business.

Lauren graduated from George Mason University (B.A. in Global Affairs and Business)

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